Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Card of the week: Ast'imal

Hello everyone,today's card of the week is a card that took me 3 week before understand it's ability but understand it now... Ast'imal. Actually before i make this post i tried it in a match and i win with all my creature cause of it's ability.now if someone don't undestand it i explain; Ast'imal may lose water, if you do choose a opposing creature as a target and your opponents need to swap it space with another creature he or she control.So now with him you can control a part of the game he's ability is useless at the beginnning most of the time but the less creature your opponents have the more usefull he's ability is.Overvall and rate:
1-Kha'rall (shard)
2-Really good ability in the last turn
3-Average stats and energy

1-After expend he have no longer water
2-Ability useless at the beginning

Overall i give him a 8 out of 10 because of what i saw when i play with him and i think the only way to agree is to try it.(P.S.:put him on the second line not in the front row XD)

Finnally i show you Another Deck: Disciplines Destruction

Yes guys finnally i decide to show you a deck that have nothing to do with the combo.Instead i decided to show you a deck based on a already knew combo; Bladez (Brainwashed) and Gan'trak and i put Aa'une stuff cause i got Calling of Aa'une yesterday and now i want him badly.
Here's the deck:


1-Bladez/Freshwater shard
2-Aa'une/Baton of Aa'une
4-Ast'imal/Kha'rall shard of the staunch
6-Gan'trak/weigthless energy vessel

1x Calling of Aa'une
2x Denial refrain of the deep
1x Melody of M'arr
1x Harmonics of Water
1x Unheard Melody

2x The oligarch path
2x Lake Blakeer
2x Mt. Pillar Reservoir, Neth'uar Foothold
2x Deadrange Gong (cause i got it and found it cool)
2x Mipedian Dew Farm (you need to try this with Fluidmorpher :D)

1x Supercooled Rain
1x Disciplines Destruction (the title card)
2x Rage of Aa'une
2x Kha'rall crush
2x Invader's Tactics
2x Flood Force
2x Eidolon Advance
1x Twister of Elements
2x Inner Flood
2x Degernervate (awsome with Gan'trak)
2x Tidal Surge
1x Afternath Feint

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Combo of the week: ''Mugic Return'' main combo

Hello everyone,today for my combo of the week i got a pretty original combo with two new remade chieftain, Ihun'kalin,Psinonic Master and Milla'iin, Foothold Commander:

As you can see one sacrifice mugic to get stronger the other one return them in your hand.If you make a turn without using Ihun'Kalin you can come back more mugic to make him stronger for your next battle with him.I gonna make a deck around this combo soon but for now i want you to rate this combo out of 10 (x/10)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Elements Mimic

So hello guys,today im really glad to say that...I find something for Nimmei,EO XD (thanks
MajorBrad for the iddea) So here the deck:


1.Xaerv,MD/E. Pauldron
2.Nautilax,AS/Sun chariot of Ken-sep (just for fun this one)
3.Majjcan/E. Pauldron
4.Nimmei,EO/Bodal Dagger
5.Nunk'worn/Muge's Tuningfork
6.Gorram DG/Weightless Energy Vessel

1x Iflar Improvisation
1x Rhyme of Reckless
1x Denial Refrain of the deep
1x Empowering Encore
2x Tonal Destruction

2x Gorram Briefing
2x Kazeiph,City of Elements (hihi awesome combo with Nimmei)
2x Tablet Sanctuary
2x Elementiir
2x The Darkened Dunes

1x Allmagedon
1x Landgore
2x Earth Pulse
2x Flood Force
2x Airsault
2x Consuming flame
2x Elementalist's Psy-Blast
2x Inferno Claws
2x Essential Evaporation
2x Symetry Slam
2x Evaporize

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Zamool's Burning Deck

So today i gonna show you a deck wich destroy the competition at Montreal Battledrome remake by me (because i dont know all the card only the main one)Here it is:

1-Galmedar/Freshwater shard
2-Zamool/Orchis Undin
3-Lord Van Bloot,Soa/Van bloot's sickle
4-Ulmar,Pr/Phoenix belt
5-Krekk,Pr/van bloot's sickle
6-Kopond,HMOTH/Mip. Balladeer's Flute
1x Consuming Cacophony
2x Canon Casualty
1x Improvisational Melody
1x Searing Symphony
1x Roar of the Mob

2x Gothos Tower
2x UW city,During van bloot ascent
2x Rock River Canyon
2x Gloomuck Swamp
2x The Passage,UnderWorld

1x Deadwater Devastation
2x Ice Disks
2x Geyser Gush
2x Daunting Bravery
2x Earth Pulse
2x Flood Force
2x Rustoxic
2x Shadow Strike
2x Evaporize
2x Inner Flood
1x Afternath Feint

As you can see this is a really damaging deck,Krekk and Ulmar can deal 20 together on each of your turn at least.There is many damaging mugic too,to be played by kopond to deal 10 more damage.and the best thing on this deck is that if Zamool is engaged your opponents cannot response to your damage or mugic.

Rate it out of 10 ( x/10)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Card of the week: Mt. Pillar Reservoir,Liberated

So hello guy today card of the week is the new Mt. Pillar Reservoir....Liberated!!!First of all,the first time i saw this card in the collection on chaoticgame.com i said, yes!!! Finnally the reservoir return to danian and bye bye Neth'uar lol.So for the review of this card all i need to say is that's the location that missed to the Danian.The first location in the game that infect creature and not only one but two creature are infected when this become the active location,plus now because of the errata for the mandiblor count i think you count all creature infected (include the one infect by ur opponents)so this make you have 2 more mandiblor for the count. :p

1-infect 2 creature for no cost
3-Not too rare
4-Cool art for danian fan (the walk to the liberated reservoir!)

1-No combat advantage,except initiative
2-Cannot use it twice with the old one (2 of each)

Overall a good card that i always gonna use in my danian deck i give it a solid 9/10 (for danian fan only :p )

Friday, September 18, 2009

Warning! Here's the beast!

Here is a funny deck that my friend send to me and that i wanna show to you guys enjoy:

1- Blazvatan/Mipedim Fulgrite
2- Gintanai/Drill Dozer
3- Khorror/Ravita Flower
4- Gaffat-Ra/Levitaar
5- Xelfe/Mip. Balladeers Flute
6- Savell/Mip.Balladeers Flute

1x Gear Glissando
1x Symphony Of The Guard
2x Trills Of Diminution
1x Bonding Battlesong
1x Melody Of Mirage

2x Broken Edge
2x Crystal Cave
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x The Storm Tunnel, Lingering Monsoon
2x Mipedim Valley

2x Aftemath Feint(2-0)
2x Flashwarp(4-0)
2x Sediment Stormshield(6-0)
2x Velocitrap(8-0)
2x Airsault(10-2)
2x Funnel Blast(12-4)
1x Radical Ice Balls(13-5)
2x Sand Strike(15-7)
2X Slowsand(17-11)
2x Whirling Wail(19-17)
1x Turbulence Funnel(20-20)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unfairs moves

Now i gonna show you the deck that i build around the Pat combo of the week, check it out:


1- Zhade,DSD/Drilldozer
2-Maliph/Aspect Amplifier:Agility
3-kolmo,P/Evergreen Tunic (DrillDozer if he have less then 75c)
5-Ifjann/Mip. Balladeers Flute
6-Xelfe/Mip. Balladeers Flute

2x Switch Riff (of course :p)
2x Fanfare of Vanishing
1x Sonata of the Storm
1x Melody of Mirage

2x Prexxor Chasm (again of course)
2x The Storm
2x The Darkened Dunes
2x Broken Edge
2x Pouril Forest

2x Whirling Wail
2x Funnel Blast
2x Poison Sphere
2x SandStrike
2x Earth Pulse
2x Airsault
2x Atmosfear
2x Velocitrap
2x Sediment Stormshield
2x Afternath Feint

So the main idea of this deck is the unfair "jumping" advantage.A lot of cards in this deck give or have Range and Swift,so to make sure it will work there is 2 Pouril Forest in this deck make your opponents vulnerable to your jumping creature.A lot of people during reading the card list of this deck stop at Ifjann saying ; him??? .Yes there is 2 Ifjann because he's ability is perfect in this situation. EX: Prexxor Chasm become the active location,so you and your opponents choose a creature of your opponents and your creature get relocated in the sapce of the creature you choose,result when the combat finish the winner will be in the space you choose.So if you dont want your creature to get placed in a dangerous space use Ifjann!!On each turn by removing from him Air,an adjacent creature of your choice become "Untargetable" so when Prexxor Chasm come up use Ifjann ability once each to get one of your Ifjann (without challor) and Xelfe gain Untargetable,so all your back creature cannot be affected be Prexxor Chasm,so your opponents need to choose Zhade,Maliph or Kolmo and you choose one of he's muge!! Hi! Hi!

The pat combo of the week!

Hello everyone,today for my combo of the week i will show you a simple but awsome combo...Here it is:

Prexxor chasm/Swifch Riff

So the main idea for this combo is to choose (with Prexxor Chasm ability) an opponents muge (sure :p) and try to win the first combat.After like its written on Prexxor Chasm card you can make your real combat of the turn.So now your creature (will be a muge) will be on your opponents back space and Now you use Switch Riff to switch one of your warrior with your muge then attak your other opponents back line creature with your main fighter.I'll post a deck featuring this combos in any minutes so be back!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Symbiotic Infections

Hello guy today's deck of the week is a Danian deck (yeah a danian deck lol) and its based on the infection that is not used for mandiblor count.I know this deck is really hard to do but here it is! :

Symbiotic Infection


1-Valban/Evergreen Tunic
2-Fliandar/Danian Carapace
3-Fliandar/Danian Carapace
4-Yondaf SI/DrillDozer
5-Yondaf SI/DrillDozer (yes again)
6-Nunk'Worn Assimilated/Mipedim B. Flute

Ode to obscurity x2
Unbalanced Battlesong x2
Song of Suprisal
Elemental Elegy (Its my favorite Mugic)

Darkened Dunes x2
Mt. Pillar Reservoir, Liberated x2 (really usefull)
Infectorium x2
Mipedim Mirage x2
Fear Valley x2 (My favorite Location)

Deadwater Devastation
Ice Disk
Purifing Mud
Swarming Destruction x2
Geyser Gush x2
Earth Pulse x2
Flood Force x2
Daunting Bravery x2
Rustoxic x2
Evaporize x2
Inner Flood x2
Afternath Feint

The main idea of this deck is that at the beginning of each turn if yondaf is not infected infect him,they are 2 so you alway have 2 creature infected for Fliandar ability and Danian carapace will make Fliandar infect the third one so you can always use his ability and if you got some problem you have Mt. pillar reservoir (new)that infect 2 creature when you have it for active location and ode to obscurity can make the job too.Nunk is there for play mugic only,i put him because he can gain a lot of counter to play mugic.In this deck you can see a lot of card that give "Range" or "Swift 1" its to make Fliandar attack your opp. backrow creature.Also in this deck there is a good use of Valban ability,if you engage him he alway have Earth/Water cause of the Yondaf SI.So hope you enjoy this deck and i would like to you to rate my deck out of 10 (x/10)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My AU pre-release pull

Sorry guy I had no time since pre-release to post here but here i am today :D So today i gonna show you all good card i got at pre-release Montreal this weekend:
Starter pulls:
Firts of all i got the Mipedian starter (wich i trade for the danian one)
Chase card: Proboscar,Kiru Village,Afjak,Gigentempolis (New)
(need to say that we had table of four and the 2 guy beside me got Crommax!?) :(
In pack (the best one): Drillrozer and Tarin (Yes!!)

Pack pulls:
Almost all other pack dont have any SR card and i dont get a lot of good Rare too

Danian stuff i got (not only AU):
-Odu-Bathax,RR x2
-Mhein x2
-Nom,SoE (ps Nom mean Name in french so its wierd for french ppl lol)
-Ambolx (really good card)
-Elemental Counterpoint
-Empowering Encore
-Unbalancing Battlesong
-Tarin (with pretty good stats)
-Danian Carapace (from ZOTH)
And finnally........Fliandar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (pretty good too he's gonna be my next card of the week)
Thanks to read me and be there soon for the premiere of The pat combo of the week!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Today its AU Pre-release!!!

Hello guy, just a quick post to say that i go to pre-release Montreal today (sept 6) wich im really happy to :D And i just want to say that Tommorow (sept 7) i'll post every interrestsing things that happen to me at this event included all my Rare and up pulls.So wich me luck se you tommorow.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Card of the week: Gintanai,The Forgotten

So today for my card of the week i will review the best creature EVER i think in the game (even if i have a rivality with Mipedian) Gintanai,The Forgotten (c120 p120 w30 s120 e60)
First of all, what i think of this card overempowered lol.I think the only thing you have to do to make this card indestructible (i like this word lol) its to put one or two Thrills of Diminution in your deckand you can almost alwas win!

1-Awesome stats and Energy(except wisdom)
3-Air and Earth 10!!!
4-Really beautyfull Art
5-Best card of the game

1-Each time he win you lose a creature but a Thrills of Diminution can fix that easly
Overrall i think all you need its to not sacrifice your creature by made Gintanai win without losing a creature anyway he got a 9.9/10 Because is not perfect but close too

Thursday, September 3, 2009

AU Danian Review 1

Hello everyone,so you all know that Alliance Unraveled (AU) is coming out in about a week and this weekend for the one who goes to pre-release (like me)So now we seen some card cause of the "glitch" i got some picture of the new danian so for now until i review the all 16 (yes 16) you will see some review like this;

Odu-Bathax,Reservoir Reclaimer (c90 p50 w35 s35 e55)

So first before i made the good and bad this is one of the danian that i wanted so bad to be remade.I think odu is one of the most important Danian character in the story of Danian (with Illexia and Lore)So now the real review:

1-Great courage,energy,1 mc and common (the basic)
2-Earth 5 make him in competition with Brimflame
3-The expend ability is very powerfull when its used with strategy.I explain, first of all you use expend before odu get engaged,after you need the new battlagear that give Earth at the beginning of combat so odu will gain Earth 5 too (i you find a way you can do this more then 1 time in the turn)

1- Some poor discipline (power,wisdom,speed)
2- He's not a mandiblor (for compost or mandiblor count)

Overall this new odu pass the test for me he's easy to get (hopefully in starter deck) and can make strong courage attack if used right.He got a big 8.5/10