Sunday, November 29, 2009

Deck of the week:Najarin Past Travel

So hello everyone this last week i doesn't had much time to post here but now im here with a new deck to show you. Here's the deck:




1-Ixxik/Evergreen tunic
3-Ixxik/Evergreen tunic
5-Kaal/Mip. Balladeer Flute
6-Najarin FF/Mip. Balladeer Flute

1x Opus Opposed
2x Ryhmes of Reckless
2x Refrain of Denial (blue)
1x Canon of Casualty

2x Kiru Village
2x The Rao'pa shak Chimnegrind
2x Strom tunnel,LM
2x Broken Edge
2x Prexxor Chasm,The Blight

2x Whirling Wail
1x Turbulence Funnel
2x Earth Pulse
2x Funnel Blast
2x Streak Strike
2x Airsault
2x Mineral Mayhem
1x Gravel Grind
2x Evaporize
2x Shadow Strike
2x Velocitrap

Friday, November 20, 2009

Combo of the week: Why so elementalist?

Hello everyone,today my combo of the week is an interesting combo that i found with a very popular card and a card underestimated but that become really good together.My combo of the week is Lord Van Bloot SOA (sorry Hikeda) equiped with Ankh of Kenh-Sep.

This combo is not really hard to explain, all you need is to lower your opponent courage to make it less than 65 after that all your attack will deal +5 damage because of the gear.Easy but destructive :D Please leave some comment about this combo and for the next week i take request for the army i will post so you can send me a pm on chaotic with your army and all i need to know about and the most original and good army will be my featured army of the next week and you will have you chaotic nickname on my next post to say that it was you that make this army.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deck of the week:Elemental Mastery

Hello everyone, its been awile since i dont post anything and i decided to show you today a deck that use both of the FaSt preview so far to make an elementalist Danian deck.


1-Neekwin/Vial of liquid thought
2-Elna/Orchis Undin
4-Aszil/Sandstorm Shroud (yes :P)
5-Nunk'worn,Assimilated/Citadel Fragment

-Elemental Elegy
-Song of Surprisal
-Mindproof March x2
-Danian Elemental choral
-Refrain of Denial (OW/UW)

-Elemantiir x2
-Carnival of confusion x2
-Kazeiph,City of Elements x2
-The Rao'pa Shak,Condensation Ceremony x2
-Mipedim Mirage x2

1x Allmagedon
1x Supercooled Rain
1x Winterclaw
2x Twister of Element
2x Purifing Mud
1x Landgore
2x Flood Force
2x Liquicent Swirl
2x Inner Flood
2x Aqua Recoil
2x Symetry Slam
2x Afternath Feint

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Preview-Review: Aszil,The Young Queen

So hello everyone today i start a new kind of post the Preview-Review,where i will review the lastest preview card of chaotic.So today it will be a card that i found really awesome,of my tribe and maybe the new leader...Aszil, The Young Queen.
1-Sweet ability to give Earth to everyone you control (because she is loyal)
2-Earth 5 boost when Hive is active is very usefull
3-One of the most stronger in battle support creature (great e/c/w and Earth)
4-Two counter,make her a muge that can fight :D
5-I think that she'll be easy to get (2009 wave 2 tin's top card)

1-The unique is never a good things specially with this card "Earth 5" ability

Overall, like Illexia does this card is a really strong and usefull creature that will maybe be one of the most used danian during the comming event, i give it a strong 9.5/10 recommended to any danian player and i promise that i will use it me too :P

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Combo of the week: Stay basic

So hello everyone,today my combo of the week is really cool and fair i think when you play a generic deck.Today's combo is Ursis and Runic Grove,Runic Grove is a old location from DoPthat never really been used except in the DoP time.But now that we found creature that can only play generic mugic,this location becomes really strong against your opponent.At the end of the week i will show you a deck that only feature tribless creature,in this deck because you can play tribal mugic Runic Grove change nothing for you,but if your opponent only have tribal mugic, something that happen a lot of time, he will not be able to cast any mugic.I decided to put Ursis in this combo because he is the only Tribless creature since now that have a lot of mugic and is really good (with Smildon) and if you engage him in this location you will probably win this combat.