Saturday, August 29, 2009

Review on the run 3

So today for my Review on the run i gonna talk about the newest preview from Silchaw:
1-Very good energy and courage (can boost "e" with evergreen tunic in adition)
2-Elementalist with 2 element (wich is very good with E. Pauldron or Zooka for element deck)
3-A mugic counter
4-Good effect (some people know the destructive combo with Orth)
5- (wow 5!) Only Rare (With the fact that you got now 3 Rare in a pack)

1-Poor Wisdom (That is not really a good new for OW player lol)
2-This card dont excel in battle and not really even in support (but still good)

Overall I think its a great card for OW or even multi-tribe player.This card will be seen in many Gronmor/TTIT element deck with Air initiative location i give it a solid 8.5/10

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Card of the week: Headmaster Ankhyja

Hello bloger, so today for my review of the week i gonne talk about this awesome new preview from Headmaster Ankhyja, Seeker of the art:This is another awesome card for the Mipedian in Alliance Unraveled (3 on 3 "ouch"). Even if me and my friend have a rivality Danian/Mipedian (im with Danian) i really like this card.This card would be very usefull for any normal Mipedian deck. And if you find the way to defend this card all your other creature are untargetable by your opponents, that mean that you can target your creature for heal them for exemple, and your opponent cant damage them until Headmaster Ankhyja is not destroyed.I think this card i apart of a quartet (like tcdop said with the 4 15 base damage attack card) with Tarin maybe we will see soon the UW and OW card of this quartet.

1-Like i said awesome ability that work well with Mipedian
2-High speed and air element wich is always welcome with Mipedian

Bad :
1-No counter and a not very good energy (hopefully)

A must have card for every Mipedian players i give him a 9.5/10

Review on the run 2

Welcome back for a new review on the run now i will talk about all the preview from

First let talk about Proboscar the only tribeless card we know for now:
1-2 really original and good effect that stop defender deck (sadly for me and Illexia)
2-Good high energy and great speed (for speed player)
3-Its super but the chase card super are easy to get (1 per starter deck)

1-No element and No counter :(
2-Some discipline not really high
Overall its not a very good creature but if you face a defender deck it's good it got 7/10

Now let talk about this "crazy" new Ulmar (No brake on hes car lol) :

1- I dont really know about the other expend ability but he ability is really usefull, put 2 in your deck and your opponents creature have 20 less energy per turn :0

2-Still have fire and now have a lot more energy and always have a counter for mugic

Bad :

1-Dont have high power and other high discipline except wisdom (for an UW)

Overall i think he's great good supporting effect still can battle if he have a Mech-blade and he's only common so he got a solid 8.5/10

Review on the Run 1

In those article i gonna Review all the preview of SLAU by making the bad and good point of the card.And sorry sorry for the innactivity i was not able to go write on this site until now.
So first Kaizeph,City of Element
1-In a full element deck all elemental damage will be reduced by 5
2-If you have a elementalist with all element its always win initiative (exept vs Surprise)
3- Good art and the main card of the story
1- In a one or two element deck you lose all the good point
2-Too rare (it can be a rare i think)
Overall i give it a not too bad 7/10
Recommended to : Full element deck or 3 element deck

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Deck of the week: Composted Bravery

So today for my deck of the week i gonna show you a danian deck,exactly a compost deck that a build and that is based on courage attack.The main idea of this deck is to make your courage attack more stronger each combat.This deck is vulnerable to anti-compost deck,like the one that use Lore chamber of Recall and void Dirge or many other removing card but if you face an opponents that is not prepared to face a compost deck you win the game easly.So now the card:

1-Elhadd/Aspect amplifier:Bravery
2-Elna/Vlaric Shard
3-Elhadd/Vlaric Shard
4-Ivelaan/Talisman of Mandiblor
6-Drazz/Aspect amplifier: Bravery

1x Choral of apparition
1x Elemental Elegy
1x Song of surprisal
1x Rhythms of Rage
1x Song of Mandiblor
1x Song of Symetry

Attack (Build point total-Card total):
2x Spirit Gust (0-2)
2x Inner flood (0-4)
1x Afternath Feint (0-5)
2x Shadow Strike (0-7)
2x Geiyser Gush (2-9)
2x Daunting Bravery (4-10)
2x Streak Stike (6-12)
2x Rip tide (8-14)
2x Fearless Strike (12-16)
1x Skeletal Strike (14-18)
2x Ice disk (20-20)

2x The Darkened Dunes
2x Underworld City,During Van bloot ascent
2x The hive Gallery
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Numin voidland

For this deck you need to use illexia ability to make the Elhadd defend your other creature.All you need its to keep Drazz in play for the end of the game, because if he's the only creature in play he will have outperform courage 20 (10 from the Elhadds,5 from hive ability,5 from he's gear) and you can grow it up with The hive Gallery or UW City,Van bloot.The inner flood are there to move m.c. to creature that need them (for exemple: Savell) to other creature that don't need them (its very usefull).Never forget that the Mipedim Mirage are there to control your opponents move so use them carefully.Be here next monday to see my exclusive review of the new preview article of TCDOP. HiveForce!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Card of the week: Kolmo Purified

Hello guy so today i gonna talk about the first Alliance Unraveled preview card... Kolmo,Purified.So first of all appreciation on stats, energy and element.This new Kolmo have really good stats for a Mipedian, courageous and fast!!
95 speed is perfect for most Mipedian player and with the two best element of the Mipedian (air and earth) its a really great combo.He has one of its old ability Range,Swift 1 and now he is the BEST Mipedian Striker of all the game with a minimum of strike 10 and a max. of strike 40!!!!But this creature is not perfect, he's medium energy and no mc make it a little bit less powerfull but even not bad.Now my personnal opinion on this card is that i don't like, like most Danian player that a creature get unassimilated lol.But a good and easy to get card (cause of pre-release) now bad and good:
1-Great courage,speed
2-The two needed elements for mipedian (air,earth)
3-Always have the ability to attack opponents backline creature
4-Not Unique or Loyal or Legendary
5-For now the best striker of all the game!!
1-Not a really high energy
2-No m.c.
3-Unassimilated :( lol
I give him a 9/10 a really good card that i hope to get at pre-release for my mixed deck
Be here next Monday for my review of the new preview of TCDOP and tommorow for the deck of the week. Hiveforce!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My kickoff "Deal with the Reckless" deck

So for now guy i gonna show you my UW deck that i used at the kickoff challenge last weekend. The main idea of this deck is its high energy.So no more explanation for now here's the card:

1. 2.
1. Ilx/Girgeth tar
2.Uksum/Aspect amplifier: Might
3. Ragetrod/Mipedian Baladeer flute
1x Shock Song
1x Prelude to dominance
1x Improvisational Melody
1x Gravity slam
2x Hammer Dash
2x Lightning Burst
2x Ash torrent
2x Dry liquid
1x Flashwhrap
1x Carnival of confusion, Mind games
2x Vidav Refectorium
2x The pit
The main idea of this deck was to destroy opponents battlegear to get ilx a air 10 but at the same time Recklessness 10 -_- to make im finish the game quickly or make ur opponents use the most m.c. i can. After begin to attack with Uksum and he's 85 energy ( yes i got it maxed e with 25 :P ) and after almost all the attack are based on Uksum and he's outperform power 5. If Uksum get destroy you always have ur Ragetrod to bring you a chance to win the match because he have outperform power too.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kickoff Montreal experience Round 1 and 2

Hello blogger so today for my firts topic its an overview on the crazy montreal kickoff that i've been part and finish 5th.So first off all congratulation to Joel (aka MorbiusX) and Catherine for the great final they made.My deck at the event was Ilx/Uksum/Ragetrod (i will post the all strategy later).We will begin for my part with round 1. I first face a guy named Jacky new in the game.He made is homework and learn all that you need to know about the game before come to event (good thing).He play with 2 Ikathosh and a Trimdaal. I won with all my creature left but good first official game Jacky.Round 2 was one of the most hard because i face an french adult that played a Erak'tabb/Jus'hebban/Vitar'zu (i think i misspelled a name).The strategy was really good,only problem; no mugic counter lol. I won this game all with Uksum. My score 2-0.

My new blog

Hi i'm matpat77 from but here im just pat77 (because mat is the name of my friend that even don't use this account lol). I create this blog to talk about my strategy,my event overview or talk about the news in chaotic. At least once per weeks (maybe more)i gonna show you a deck that i build and find interresting to show you.I'm a danian player but that don't mean i don't make other tribe deck.If i find a way i'll probably make video on the strategy on chaotic tv soon.Comment and ideas are appreciated and if you want to make a comment in french i'll really like this.So i hope see many member soon. Hiveforce!