Sunday, January 31, 2010

World Championship coverage

Hello chaotic fan,during the next few hours or maybe days i'll do a some kind of World championnship coverage.I'm not there but each time i'll see an update or news on the World championship i'll post it on my blog (this blog :P) to be sure you know everything you need to know on this big event.Check out for update later today.

Lets get Chaotic!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Combo of the week: Infinite Discipline

Ok this combo is really hard to do (but not to much) but is incredibly powerfull.Special Thanks to CSpacian for the basic idea.

New Bodal + New Bodal (both equiped with Diamond of Vlaric)+ Eremia/Quranium Pendant

All you need to do is to Sacrifice a first Diamond of Vlaric to make the Bodal gain Earth.Now repeat with the other Bodal.He'll gain Earth and Eremia will gain it too.Now all you need is to return the Diamond of Vlaric to the each Bodal by using the ability of the other.Then you repeat this many time you want without limit.Each time one of your Bodal lose Earth,Eremia can gsin Earth,so before expend on Bodal (except the first time) expend Earth on Eremia to make her gain 50 courage.

Hope you enjoy this aticle :P

Monday, January 18, 2010

My return

Sorry I've supposed to be really active during the holiday season but I wasn't been able to post on the blog since my last post.I haven't be really active on too but now i'm back and I'll show you a lot of thing (like I always done) in the next weeks, including special survey on the coming Fire and Stone set release that (I hope) we could get some preview and annoucement early.

So be sure to check out my blog,to see my first 2010 post and Happy New Year too late :P