Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The return of a card: Ebena'Bakku

Today for the return of a card article here's one card that was really bad in it's set but became an very dangerous card in the set after...Ebena'Bakku.Yes this M'arrillian chieftain has not really its place in the game when he came out in Beyond the Doors.No good stats,energy or even mugic counter nothing except the element water wich doesn't save him.He's ability has potential but no one figured a way to use it easly.But a day,when ROTO came out this card became one of the most hardest card to deal with for you opponent,because the Fluidmorphers and they "a lot of mc" policy was now there.So now if your opponent's creature fight against your Fluidmorphers,they almost always play them attack at random until Ebena'Bakku is coded.This was a really good surprise by the people of tcg to make this improvement on this card the set after cause we need to remember that Ebena'Bakku is an ultra rare card and need to be good :P

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Card of the Week: Bodal,Flamedrill Researcher

So today for my card of the week i had no reason why i should not do it on the new Bodal cause this card is really awesome.This card looks like a weak creature with almost no good stats,energy or mugic counter when you first look at it but he's abilit(ies) are just too good especially the second one.The first ability transform all your The Cliffs,Anthem of Stone,Zooka and Hymn of the element in "Battlegear Revival" cards wich is really good just imagine that you can bring back your Balladeer's Flute 7 time! With Najarin FF that's make him to 17 counter!So to everyone that tought that the new Bodal was weak,hope that i change your mine with this article :P


1- One of the Best abillity of the game (the 1rst ability)
2- A mugic counter and great wisdom (at least)

3-Really easy to get (one of the 2009 wave 2 tin's top card)
4-No Loyal or Unique (be prepared mixed deck :P )

1-Bad stats and energy (except wisdom)
2- No element (wich seem a must to keep this card super rare)

Overall this card is just awesome and i think it will be used in a lot of mixed or Banana King deck in the future,this is why i give him a solid 8.5/10 really good and cheap card to get.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Combo of the week: What's this thing!

Hello everyone,has i promise yesterday i'll show you a combo today.The name of the combo is exactly what i said (but in french) to my friend when he used it against me in a 6vs6 master match we played.This time the combo can only be made with 3 card; Kha'rall Husk Armor (wait its not the Bladez one :P),Lanker and Sirroco.This combo is not instantaneous (sorry if i misspelled) but when you play it its awesome and it work cause my friend almost beat my super Danian army with it.First when you set your army you give the Husk Armor to Lanker (pretty easy to guest XD ).Then you make an air and Discipline based deck.Maybe a Neekwin one should work for exemple.Then when you play all you want is to get Sirroco fast.When you get it,reveal the Husk Armor then start to play Lanker ability if you want to boost your Discipline very high. Even if Lanker ability only boost one Discipline at the time,you'll be able to boost them all.My friend Lanker as Maxed Energy wich is 30, so with the husk armor it make him at 80 energy,so he can use the ability 15 time without be coded. (Just beware Burning Deck).A tip for a deck with this combo use 1 or 2 discipline mostly to boost them more and try to boost the discipline your opponent use the most to block a lot of he's attack card.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Special Holiday Program

I know i didn't post since more than one week but no i dont take a break of posting during the Holiday season.I have a lot of things to show you for the next to week but for these weeks i'll work with a schedule (cause i have more time to post).Here's the schedule:

Monday Dec. 21- Dec. 28: Combo of the week
Tuesday Dec. 22- Dec. 29:Card of the Week
Wednesday Dec. 23- Dec. 30:The return of a card
Thursday Dec. 24: Deck of the Week: Christmas Special
Thursday Dec. 31: Award for the years (you'll see :P)
Friday Dec. 25- Jan. 1: Little Break :D
Saturday Dec.26: My new card
Sunday Dec. 27: Little Break 2 :D
Saturday Jan 2: The Return of a card

Hope you will enjoy cause I'll have a lot of work to do for all this :P

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Return of a card: Tonal Destruction (new article type)

Yes today i introduce a new type of article that is called; The Return of a Card.This new kind of article will each time talk about a card that became stronger cause of some gameplay changes or because of a new card that help it to become stronger.

The reason why i do this is because there's a lot card that come out and we say; "What that card! Its not good at all!" and the set after a card came out and change how we see the first card.Some time the card was already good or correct,but when a new card came out,it became a lot more stronger or usefull,a typical exemple:Najarin FF was already correct but not too good when Roto came out,but when Mipedian balladeer's flute came out everyone started to use the combo with Najarin and it to make Najarin gain two or three more counter.

Today the card that is featured is a card that was correct but help a lot a creature that came out the set after...Tonal Destruction.Personnally,when i use a competitive mixed tribe deck offline my first choice of creature is to put Nunk'worn in the army with Water creature,because he is a fluidmorpher (lot of mugic) and when its time to battle he can do the job too.And is ability to revive seem impossible or almost to do when he came out but somme good player (like me :P) find the combo with Tonal,wich was a not really used mugic before.And now when i use Nunk,i have a lot of chance to revive it 1 or 2 time if he's defeated wich keep my muge in play.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Now that's a good energy!

Hello everyone,i just made a deck that i want to show you for my deck of the week, so here it is:

1- Cromaxx/Scarab of Kilhai
2- Nunk'worn/ Muge Tunigfork
3- Tarin/Orchis Undin
4- Tarin/Orchis Undin
5- Tangath Toborn,OG/Citadel Lodestone
6- Rellim WM/Amber shard

2x Rhyme of Reckless
2x Refrain of Denial (blue)
1x Song of Resurgence
1x Tonal Destruction

2x Rock River Canyon
2x Doors of Deepmine
2x Mipedim Mirage
2x Lake Ken-I-Po,Ritual Site
2x Elmantiir

2x Ice Disk
2x Deluge of Doom
2x Rustoxic
2x Earth Pulse
2x Flood Force
2x Geyser gush
2x Mineral Mayhem (Against Van Bloot SOA)
2x Inner Flood
2x Evaporize
1x Aqua Recoil
1x Afternath Feint

First of all this deck is based on energy given by 2 Tarin and a Rellim WM, so if your creature still have Earth and Water it will have +30 energy, and i added certain location that give +10 energy if you have Water or Earth, so it can be +40,and if you have Tangath during your opponent turn battle against a creature with all element it become +50 energy,my Tangath can go to 115 energy and 3 element wich is really strong.I put a lot of element keeping card like the scarab of Kilhai for cromaxx,2 New Lake Ken-I-Po and mineral mayhem if you face the servant of Aa'une.So please rate my deck by choosing an answer on the right :D

Thursday, December 3, 2009

FaSt Preview-Review!!!

First of all i need to say that i found these card in the "ebay" website of Les jeux deckanddices.

First Preview-Review: Ginar'Rash,The Extinguisher ( c45 p70 w75 s30 e45 it can be different)

This guy is a new one,and i like it art :D

1- He is a Fire deck extinguisher,he wil be unstoppable good agaisnt fire deck
2- Stats are not really bad (especially wisdom that can raise 90)
3- Not loyality and Unique, so we can include him in our mixed deck and maybe two
4- With the fireproof and a shard he can raise 90-95 energy
5- Easy to get (Tin front card)


1- Like i said stats are not bad but not really good too
2- Against creature without fire this card have a lot more chance to lose the battle

Overall this one get a 7/10 cause it can be your best creature if your opponent use fire,but your worst if he doesn't .

Last Preview for today: Bodal,Flamedrill Researcher

Good a new Bodal,hope he's more quiet then before...

1- Excellent first ability...when you fin a way to play it, i'm sure a lot of metagame player will find a way to benefit from he's ability
2- He have a mc and he's really easy to get (hopefully :p)

1- Low energy and disciplines except wisdom
2- No element which is wierd cause of he's two expend
3- No loyal or unique too (this will be dangerous in some deck)

Overall this card is not a good fighter or a support creature,but he's ability of reviving gear is really interresting and i thing he will,even with he's lack in mc and discipline,take place in some new metagame deck.