Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Deck: Scary Army

Hello,today i will show you an Special deck on the Halloween theme with card of chaotic of course.So here's the deck:
1-Cromaxx/General Standard
2-Lord Van Bloot,SoA/Van Bloot's sickle
3-Zamool/Orchis Undin
4-Agitos,EM/Mip. Balladeer's Flute
5-Skithia,GS/Evergreen Tunic
6-Agitos, EM/Mip. Balladeer's Flute

1x Nocturne of the Element
2x Song of revival
2x Decomposition
1x Cadence Clash

1x Castle Mommark
1x The Darkened Dunes
2x Underworld City,During Van Bloot Ascent
2x The Phalanx Portcullis
2x Fear Valley
2x The Hive Gallery

1x Deadwater Devastation
2x Ice disk
2x Rustoxic
2x Daunting Bravery
2x Mindvoid
2x Unarmed Brawl Bash
2x Rip tide
2x Shadow Strike
2x Inner Flood
1x Sunder Ground
1x Burning Rain
1x Afternath Feint

So the main idea of this deck is to lower your opponents courage to take benefit of it.With Van Bloot in this deck you can easly remove your opponents element and if you play Decomposition, your opponents will only be able to do Power,Speed and Wisdom challenge.Now for Cromaxx the reason why he's equipped with the General Standard is that you need to make him an UW for the Agitos effect and to make your Nocturne of the element stronger.And finnally,the Castle Mommark and the 2 song of revival are there to bring back LVB if he was defeated so that make more trouble for your opponents.Hope you enjoy it and i still need answer to my last post but its not to late to answer it.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy 2nd anniversary Chaotic!

Yes,today is the 2nd anniversary of the chaotic trading card game that we all like.For this special event i want you to all send me a comment with a set that you want me to make an army with in the Dawn of perim set (Secret,Zenith of the Hive,Silent sand) and one from the M'arrillian invasion bloc (Beyond the doors,Rise of the oligarch,Turn of the tide and Forged unity) i'll pick the most popular set and make an army with card of that set only ! Am i crazy,maybe but i want to make this 2nd anniversary really cool.Keep loocking for more new special things i will make during the next week and never forget to hail Illexia :P

As promised !

Here is the free code for the eggs.When you got it post a comment to say that you have it

cb47 9324 f432 (this is not the 2nd anniversary bonus code)

Thanks and keep grow up the dragons to get a new code and they'll become adult dragon.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Card of the week: Kapalor

Hello everyone,today i decided to do a card of the week on one of the newest card of chaotic, the promotionnal Kapalor!First of all, i am so happy when i saw all the stuff on Kapalor and on the fact that he's good enough to be used in my Danian deck.So here's the review:

1- 2 good ability that increase he,s energy alot,with a good danian player he can reach 105 energy.
2- A mandiblor! Always usefull :P
3- Earth, a good element and now with AU battlegear we can give him water easly.
4- He have a Mugic counter

1- Too low courage for a danian
2- Very low enregy that can be fixed but he's not a last stander (i dont know if you can say this lol)

Overall, not only because he is a danian,but i think he is the best of the four promo in the hand of a good player.But for the rate i give him a solid 8/10 i want it for my collection and for play and i'll try to get it soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Final Battle

So hello everyone,im here today to show you a deck (its been awile i dont post any) based on "Last Stance" and no its not my last deck the name is only to say that the last combat(s) of the game may be EPIC!. So here's the deck:

1-Ivelaan/Flux buble
2-Orbaat/Heptadd's Crown
3-Makanaz/Orchis undin
5-Ivelaan/Orb of foresight
6-Stelgar VM/Mandiblor Crown

1x Anthem of Stone
1x Refrain of Denial (OW/UW)
1x Song of surprisal (just because they are really usefull)
1x Notes of Neverwhere (against Lore chamber)
2x Canon of Casualty (you will know why later)

2x The Cliffs
2x Stronghold Morn
2x Mt. Pillar Reservoir (original)
2x The Skeletal Spring
2x Brawler Burrow

1x Supercooled Rain
1x Rainspear
2x Traditionnalist Charge
2x Synaptic Acceleration
2x Flood Force
2x Mineral Mayhem (against bloot)
2x Rustoxic
2x Unarmed Brawl Bash
2x Inner Flood (Now for the Canons,put mugic counter from your fallen creature to Stelgar)
2x Afternath Feint (of course)
2x Shadow Strike

Now all you need to know to be good with this deck is that the more longer the game is the best Stelgar will be. I think in a game Stelgar can reach: 170 to all disciplines and 130 energy + the element of water which is really usefull and have an help from Orbaat that give you an advantage for your location and maybe some mugic.So if you prepare the game with all the afternath feint,orb of foresight for attack and Orbaat for location you have a lot of things to make your Stelgar win every combat.Now i want you to rate my army with the choice on the right.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I try it me too

Since i saw all this hatching dragon egg i decided to get one too cause i found this cool and i like to see the dragon grow up so i decided to choose one and i find it really nice ... for now.So what i want of you guys its to click on the link to make him hatch and i will post a code of a rare card from AU when i see it hatched

You need to click on the egg on your right to try to make him hatch :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Combo of the week: Elemental Damage Boost

Hello guy today for my combo of the week i want to show you a combo that i'm almost sure that is work but if i made a mistake just send me a comment.This combo is about a new OW creature named Dalgad and a location of FUn that everyone know the original one but i will talk about the third Storm Tunnel, Ki'bro's foothold.

This location make your Dalgad make an additionnal 5 attack dammages on EVERY attack he made except air attack.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Deck of the Week: The Eye of the storm

Hello everyone, so today i will show you the deck that i made that match with my combo of this week; Before and after the storm.First of all i just want to say that i really like the name that i give to this deck its sound awesome XD.This deck is also a budget deck for people who went to AU pre-release.So here's the deck list:


1-Khenti/Sandstorm Shroud
2-kolmo,Purified/Stormbird Statues
5-Owayki/Mipedim Balladeer's Flute
6-Xelfe/Mipedim Balladeer's Flute

2x Fanfare of Vanishing
1x Jig of Reinforcement
1x Bonding Battlesong
2x Silent Requiem

2x Sands of the Unseen
2x Mipedim Oasis
2x The Hunter's Perimeter
2x Broken Edge
2x The Storm Tunnel, Lingering Monsoon

2x Before the Strom (the only super rare and up with kolmo)
2x Airsault
2x Atmosfear
2x Sandstrike
2x Funnel Blast
2x Earth Pulse
2x Obscuring Winds
2x Sediment Stormshield
2x Veloctitrap
1x Hurlicane
1x Afternath Feint

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Combo of the week: Before and After the Storm

Hello everyone, today for my combo of the week i will show you more a big combo then only two card put together.Today's combo is; Before the storm + any strike stuff

If you put two before the storm in a deck that use the ability "strike" you can double your total striking in a match.For exemple if you got the location "sand of the unseen" with Zhade,DSD and you play "Fanfare of Vanishing" on Zhade this turn Before the storm is sure to deal 70 damage!!!

So I'll make a deck aroud it and i will post it later if you have any comment you can made them now to help me for my deck if you want it will be appreciated.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Promo card Revelation 1

Ok guy here's Epaluo:
1- surprise still good
2- Promo and very rare card

1- Very low strike (only 5)
2-Instead of air he got earth
3- Bad speed for a Mipedian
4- Energy is not enough high to balance this card

Overall its a bad 4/10 this card is only for collector or people that can only get the game at gamestop XD

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pool on the new promo card

Hello guys as many of you seen there is four new card on tcdop but we dont know their ability, elements or stats.So today i want you guy to answer my question by sending comment below:

Question 1: Do you think Isernog is...
a) ...a chaor Taskmaster
b) ...a chaor Warrior
c) ...a Van Bloot Warrior
d) ...a Minion
Question 2: What do you think is Ettala main elements?
a) Water,like he's new master
b) Fire, hey he's a brute! XD
c) Earth, like before
d) Air, Dont know why i would have air lol

Question 3: What do you think is Kapalor gameplay type?
a) Hive
b) Compost
c) Infect
d) Anti-M'arrillian
Question 4: Which invisibility you think Epaluo will have? (card art say that he gonna have one)
a) Surprise
b) Low Strike (5 to 10)
c) High Strike (15 to 25 maybe)
d) Disarm
e) they make another mistake on card art

Final Question: What do you think will be the more powerfull or usefull card in those 4 promo?
a) Ettala
b) Irsenog
c) Kapalor
d) Epaluo
(I could put a e) to make a (they will be equal) but i really want to know your opinion)