Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sneak Preview 1: Tassanil HE

Its seem like we gonna have some action in the next day/week because chaotic start to show sneak preview on their website and because I dont have a lot of discussion subject I'll post all the sneak preview here and talk about them.So the first one is Tassanil HE,a already known card be almost everyone but I think the mods just wanted to introduce this new feature in the website by posting a card that everyone knew before to start slowly.So stay tuned to see the next sneak preview and be not scared to post some comment to my post :P

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art discution: Aztrolar

Since we don't have anything new on the Fire and Stone set except art I decided to start a series of post made to talk about some Fire and Stone card art.As an artist I really like to examinate card art so it will be fun.

The first we'll talk about its...Aztrolar (a Danian :D)

This art is amazing for me.The color are great and I like the fact that they decided to return with the old Danian apperence like in DoP,ZotH and SS.The other thing that I like is the speed fealing you can see on the art,when you look at it you think: Wow the must go really fast.I really like to see that the Danian seem to get new allies,the giant worm thing that appear on another card art that we discovered few time ago.You can also see that Aztrolar is either a Scout or a Squadleader cause it seem to show off a driection to something that must be it's group or something like that.

Overall a really good art,I give it a 9.5/10, hope the card is good like the art :P

Please leave comment and opinion on this post to continue the discution, and don't forget to hail Azsil now :P