Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sneak Preview 1: Tassanil HE

Its seem like we gonna have some action in the next day/week because chaotic start to show sneak preview on their website and because I dont have a lot of discussion subject I'll post all the sneak preview here and talk about them.So the first one is Tassanil HE,a already known card be almost everyone but I think the mods just wanted to introduce this new feature in the website by posting a card that everyone knew before to start slowly.So stay tuned to see the next sneak preview and be not scared to post some comment to my post :P


  1. Um... *slowly walks towards keyboard* o.o please dont hurt me, please Pat o.o *reads last part of post* oh ok... :D

    Well I saw this yesterday, I was hoping someone would talk about it, i'm actually really happy to see this, because this means that were getting more of a preview ;)

  2. Yes thats what i thought me too and with the new background on the home page it seem like the action begin... :P