Thursday, February 18, 2010

Art discution: Aztrolar

Since we don't have anything new on the Fire and Stone set except art I decided to start a series of post made to talk about some Fire and Stone card art.As an artist I really like to examinate card art so it will be fun.

The first we'll talk about its...Aztrolar (a Danian :D)

This art is amazing for me.The color are great and I like the fact that they decided to return with the old Danian apperence like in DoP,ZotH and SS.The other thing that I like is the speed fealing you can see on the art,when you look at it you think: Wow the must go really fast.I really like to see that the Danian seem to get new allies,the giant worm thing that appear on another card art that we discovered few time ago.You can also see that Aztrolar is either a Scout or a Squadleader cause it seem to show off a driection to something that must be it's group or something like that.

Overall a really good art,I give it a 9.5/10, hope the card is good like the art :P

Please leave comment and opinion on this post to continue the discution, and don't forget to hail Azsil now :P

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  1. I like it a lot as well. However, it seems like things are looking very odd for Chaotic's future. Khary (lead artist) mentioned that he hasn't been commisioned by 4Kids since November. Now, this can be seen from two ways really, that with the delay and all of F&S, they have all the art they'll need for a while, so they didn't really need to get anymore for a while. Or, the negative view, that Chaotic may be in some trouble financially or otherwise.

    From the forums, besides the lack of worthwhile updates, things are sounding pretty good, unless they're just remaining optimistic. So hopefully the former of the two views is right. However, another negative sign is the fact that Khary mentioned that all he's willing to say is that he hasn't worked for them since November, and that he knows some inside stuff.

    I really hope the game is currently in a good state, because it's one I really like. I say, good luck to Chaotic and we, as the Chaotic Community, should continue to support our game as best we can, even if it's not by buying cards (though I'm sure that would be appreciated by the guys working over there).

    That really just leaves one last things to say,
    Let's get Chaotic!

    Heh... kind of cheesy but that's ok.