Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Miracles Happens!!!

With all the all the miracle out there in Montréal,Snow Strom in end april,Halak awesome performance yesterday and NOW Fire and Stone may be out in fews weeks maybe day all things are really strange now for me but I did forget about my deck but unfortunatly i didn't had much time to do it in the last days so this one should be weaker then the other in preparation.So here's the deck

The most dangerous melody


1- Klik'ssi/Magma Shard
2- Nunk'Worn/ Muges Tuningfork
3- Klik'ssi/Freshwater Shard
4- Millan'iin FC/ Aiza Mindprobe
5- Rellim WM/ Torrent Krint
6- Mock'adyn/ Aiza Mindprobe

1x Unheard Melody (Key card of this deck)
2x Tonal Destrution
2x Mugic Reprise
1x Melody of the M'arr

2x Castle Bodrhan
2x Najarin's Castle
2x Everrain
2x Shardcrafter Workshop
2x Rao'pa Sahkk, Condensation Ceremony

Attack: (Any good water attack can be used its your choice here's ideas)
1x Tainted Tunderstorm
1x Deadwater Devastation
2x Flood Force
2x Invader's Tactic
2x Kha'rall Crush
2x Coral Balls
2x Eidolon Advance
2x Outfreeze
2x Aqua Recoil
2x Sleet Slide
2x Afternath Feint (not water but really usefull)

The main idea of this deck is to bring back your unheard melody the most you can to destroy some of your opponent's creature easly.And Rellim is there to give all your creature Water 5 wich is good cause you have 2 Klik'ssi with water 5 already and Nunk that have all is water count as water attack.Use Tonal Destruction to bring down nunk to 0 mugic to use Milla'iin ability (and dont forget Mock :P).This deck seem "cheap" but its really cool and tricky to play with it.

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